What are the 5 Different Types Of Gamers?

When starting Professional gaming or beginner-level gaming you have to understand what are the different types of games. which game helps you to understand better or which games make you a professional or skillful player.The general public must believe that gamers are a homogenous group since everybody who enjoys playing video games may readily be categorized as a gamer. But nothing could be further from the truth than this!There are six major categories of gamers for the general audience or gamers. And also the best ways of 5 different types of games. And also find out waht type of gamer you are?

Different Types of games

Mobile Gamer

Once more, stereotypes of mobile gaming bring up images of people's mums playing Tetris and Bejeweled Diner Dash.Do we intend to criticize Tetris? On my watch, no.While that is undoubtedly true, the mobile gaming industry generates billions of dollars annually. It's a fantastic, developing market for video games that continues to astound.Stardew Valley was just made available on mobile devices. The complete antithesis of Bejeweled, this is a somewhat in-depth game with tonnes of material.I've experienced some fantastic, addictive mobile games, and I can see the incredible potential that these platforms have. I defy you to download Piffle and not fall in love with its fluid, stunning gameplay right away. It requires you to use a finite amount of bullets to smash blocks.
Sounds easy enough, doesn't it?
There is a tonne of levels, and they may become somewhat monotonous. The fact that many of these wonderful little jewels you may download are occasionally entirely free of charge should be underlined.Consider the popular mobile game Word with Friends developed by Zynga. For YEARS, I was obsessed with the online version of Scrabble.Because I kept sending them reminders and then swiftly trashing them with my exact letter placement, people ultimately stopped playing with me.Some mobile games have brought back some wonderful gaming memories for me, and that is what makes them special and worthy of their category.

Hardcore Gamer

The ideal gamer is this. Even they are no match for this kind of player.Playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with my pal John one evening.
He was an avid player who spent many hours attempting to master the game and advance through all prestige levels. He would become immersed in the game, lose his temper with other players, and thoroughly study the simultaneous maps so he could take full advantage of all the best locations.
I eventually turned in for the evening as I grew weary. I didn't have a lot of passion for Call of Duty. It was just a good time with friends for me. I texted John in the morning to check on him and see how his night of increasing his kill-to-death ratio went. ‘I never went to bed,’ he said. I felt stunned.Even though I enjoy staying up late to play games, this was nearly too much for me to process. Not all "hardcore" gamers are like my friend John, but when I think of the term, I picture someone who is intensely focused on winning the game, no matter the difficulty or repercussions.Professional players featured in the Esports league are some more well-known hardcore gamers. These players practice almost daily to surpass their previous high scores and personal records as well as those of other players in the games they choose to play.If you can establish yourself and rise to the top of the pack, being an avid player may be quite lucrative. For instance, Fornite alone just won a total of around $15 million in esports. This money is not something to turn your nose up at, even if it is evenly shared amongst the victorious squad.When it comes to Esports, the drawback of intense gaming is how much time and energy you devote to your chosen game. Go for it if you're alright with it!

Armchair General

These players are developing strategists who have lofty aspirations.
The main source of income for the Armchair General comes from games like Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis, Civilization, and the Total War series.
These actors forge new paths in the international arena while striving to change the nature of the world they live in through their guile, cunning, intelligence, and military force.I recall doing my research to understand how to play Crusader Kings II. It was difficult, but after I figured it out, I ruled the continent of medieval Europe as the majestic, ominous empire of Sweden, governed by an aging ruler with a fondness for brutality and torture.The personal narratives that armchair generals develop via their games may be quite rewarding. They could also be history aficionados since many of the strategy games available today either have historical themes or are set fully during particular eras of history.For instance, you may command historical figures like Joan of Arc and William Wallace in the venerable real-time strategy game Age of Empires II, which is fully set in the medieval era.Armchair generals are now also applicable to less serious games like Cities: Skylines. The grand strategy does not have to be their only obsession, but it is the most popular.

Casual Gamer

Okay, so I am aware that the word "casual" sometimes carries a slightly unfavorable connotation. Certain online games like Call of Duty and Dark Souls, it has insulted me. The latter in particular on my lack of dexterity. The catchphrase was "Get Gud, casual."A significant number of gamers are casual players.Players that take their time and play for the plot of a game will soak in the landscape as much as possible, turning it into a fully immersive atmospheric environment.Casual players need not necessarily be "rookies" or "noobs," but rather have the mindset that winning is not their primary motivation for playing games.You might picture a crossword puzzle solver or someone playing sudoku when you think of a casual player.Not so! Simply playing on a lesser difficulty than others might qualify as casual gaming.The Witcher III's casual players spend time gathering herbs, sometimes dispatching beasts in their path, and experiencing the game's expansive open world and incredible plot, as opposed to the hardcore gamers who play the game on the hardest setting to complete it in full.To the ardent gamer who called me "casual," I said, "You're right, I am!"
To avoid frustration and enjoy some fantastic story-driven games, I no longer feel guilty about selecting the easier game levels.
My specialty is single-player role-playing games, and exploring a world for hours should be enjoyable rather than challenging and stressful.

Online Gamer

Onliner Gamer

We are all familiar with internet gamers. someone who spends hours playing games like World of WarCraft or Overwatch These players take great satisfaction in their gaming prowess, frequently sharing it with the public through player versus environment and player vs player gaming formats.In the early 2000s, Chris, a buddy of mine, played Dark Age of Camelot frequently. He was so committed that some of his characters were almost at the level cap.He was well-versed in the game mechanics and the specifics of each server. Since he was familiar with the landscape of the virtual world, he was no longer in need of a map.Chris may also be categorized as a die-hard gamer with ease.Another excellent illustration of a game that cultivated the online player is RuneScape. RuneScape provided a full-featured, yet undemanding, online RPG game experience.Online players adore entering a virtual environment where other players are present and engaging in combat with them or working together to take down a boss that is challenging and impossible for an individual to beat.


These 5 different types of gamers will be helping you to understand the game modes and also provide the basic information for you. This is very helpful when you start as a beginner, This is the first way when you start your journey of gaming and find how field you will become the best. That can only happen when your base is strong and you follow the steps of different types of gamers.

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